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Benefits of Recent Amendments to Gratuity Act

In layman’s terms gratuity means a part of the salary which is paid by an employer to an employee when the latter leaves the organization after having completed at least 5 years of continuous service there. It is important social security legislation to the wage earning population in industries, factories and establishments. It provides social security to workers after retirement, whether retirement happens due to superannuation, physical disablement or impairment of a vital body part. It applies to establishments employing 10 people or more and is tax free under the Income Tax Act. Raised gratuity for private sector workers – The amount of gratuity for central government employees doubled from Rs 10 to Rs 20 lakhs after implementation of the Seventh Pay Commission. However, private sector employees were deprived of the same benefit. After the passage of the Payment of Gratuity (Amendment) Bill, 2018, private sector employees are now entitled to receive tax free gratuity of up to Rs …

Tricks in Job Portals to ensure Interview Calls

One may upload his resume in a job portal hoping to get interview calls. However he may get very few interview calls as his resume is not job portal friendly. Thus to increase the number of viewings of his CV and get adequate number of interview calls he needs to know certain useful tricks.
1.Researching right keyword – Every job is searched by recruitment consultants in job portals using certain keywords for that position. So it is essential to use right keywords in the resume. One should use keywords which are qualification or skill set specific or job specific so that the resume comes on top of the search results of the recruiters. The best way to figure out keywords is to go through job postings in various portals and then shortlist the most commonly used ones. Keep appropriate keywords in your headings and titles as most job portals read these points successfully.
2.Formatting – One should avoid over formatting the CV and it is always best to have a simple resume format rather th…